Aktaion History

It was founded during the Ottoman oppression as an Officer’s club, but after the Italians seized the Dodecanese islands on May 5, 1912 almost unarmed - persecuting the Ottomans who had conquered...

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Aktaion Bakery

Aktaion launches a unique cafe - bakery which you will definitely love. The warmth, the décor and the energy that surrounds you, create the right atmosphere to enjoy your breakfast and your KIMBO...

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Aktaion Playground

Aktaion welcomes you to a brand new playground where from 10 a.m. till late at night gets filled by smiles and the desire for games! Our trained educationalists take care of your children with games...

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Fresh ingredients, the experience of our chefs and our respect to tradition are the key elements to the most tasteful journey. Let yourself get carried away by Aktaion’s tastes


For those who want to seize the night, Aktaion is the right place for a drink or two. Come on by and enjoy one of our refreshing cocktails


Aktaion covers all types of events, for kids and adults. Check out our schedule and select your entertainment.


Aktaion’s number one advantage is the quality that it offers. From great customer service to the freshest of ingredients, we always want to offer our best.

Wonderful place, great customer experience and quality products.

Wonderful place. We had a great time at my kid’s birthday party!

Beautiful place, excellent customer service, and the staff was too kind.